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Will the Real Fascia Please Stand Up?

fascia fascial system Nov 30, 2023

Can you guess which one of these is the REAL Fascia? They've both been labeled fascia, yet are quite different from each other.

They not only LOOK different, but they FEEL different under our hands, FUNCTION differently in the body and RESPOND differently to touch and loading.

What gives? Well, fascia is more than one thing. BOTH of these tissues are part of the collagen-based Fascial System — "the three-dimensional continuum of soft, collagen-containing loose and dense fibrous connective tissues that permeate the body. "

When we talk about a fascial system, it includes loose connective tissues that assist with glide, as well as dense connective tissues that can enable force transmission, proprioception, and motor coordination.

If you want to dive in deeper and learn about fascia as a system, then come join us this February in San Diego for our 3-day in-person lab workshop, Journey into the Matrix. You'll go home with so much more clarity and insight about what fascia really is and what what means for your hands-on practice. IN THIS

IMAGE. BOTTOM: The force-transmitting, aponeurotic deep fascia of the rectus sheath, covering the 6-pack muscles on the torso. TOP: The web-like, juicy, gliding, lubricating loose connective tissue.