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As therapists, we want more than labeled charts of muscles, nerves, and bones. We crave anatomy education that informs our touch. And we want the know-how for working with the “stuff” in between. We want the whole story.

At AnatomySCAPES we  help you discover what real anatomy LOOKS like, FEELS like, how it MOVES, and RELATES to its surroundings. 

Join us IN THE LAB and ONLINE as we journey beneath the surface!

Explore Anatomy in small portions.

Come learn with us ONLINE. Our classes deliver really visual, really relevant, REAL anatomy education right to your inbox! Our courses are packed with art & science to help you deepen your learning and apply it to your practice.



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Get exclusive access to really cool anatomy knowledge from our own work in the dissection lab — videos, images, art, and research.

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We have curated this collection of real anatomy from the dissection lab, filtered through our eyes with a little digital pixie dust added in!

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You can learn a lot and SEE a lot without having to be in the lab. We bring our education to you through our online classes.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer you better access, more visual content, more research-backed education, and. . . frankly, more FUN than you ever had in A&P.

Get ready to take your foundational anatomy knowledge to the next level! We are raising the bar on anatomy education for hands-on professionals!  

See for yourself!

Our in person LabWORKSHOPS are in sunny San Diego, just a couple miles from the ocean. Come for anatomy studies, stay for the SUNSHINE! ☀️

We teach you what the tissues LOOK like, FEEL like, how they MOVE, and how they RELATE to their surroundings. Your eyes and hands learn to 'see' what they could not see before.

. . .and your clients will be so thankful. 


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The Map is Not the Territory

Up to now, like us, you’ve probably had incomplete maps of anatomy to go on. AnatomySCAPES Dissection🤓STUDY GROUP meets in the dissection lab to look directly at the territory.

Join us for a chance to delve deeper into your anatomy studies through the art of dissection. Learn about dissection tools and techniques, develop your skills as a dissector, and enter the world of human anatomy in a completely new way!


AnatomySCAPES is proud to be able to offer continuing education credits for select workshops through NCBTMB, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork!

What is an AnatomySCAPE?

We view the body as an integrated whole with many distinctions in density and texture. Carefully uncovering these variances in the dissection lab, we can follow the paths of natural separation to find a new view of the human anatomy landscape — the AnatomySCAPE.

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Jun 20, 2024

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May 28, 2024