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What is fascia, really? Join us for this mini course, as we cover the basics and explore what counts as fascia, what fascia's made of and more! $39, instant access.

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Sneak a peek beneath the skin to explore the architecture of our subcutaneous tissues. $39, instant access.

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Let's explore scar tissue! How does it form? What does it look like beneath the skin? What does it have to do with fascia?  $39, instant access.

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Let's take a close-up look at peritoneal adhesions and what that means for our hands as hands-on therapists. $39, instant access.

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Come explore the anatomy of the deep fascia of the low back: the Thoracolumbar Fascia. $39, instant access.

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Come explore the deep fascia of your abdominal wall: the Rectus Sheath!  $39, instant access.

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Monthly Anatomy Happenings

Our Anatomy♥️LOVERS eBox Subscription delivers really visual, really relevant, REAL anatomy education right to your inbox every month! Each eBox centers around a different theme. $25/month subscription.

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Come hang out with AnatomySCAPES and other Anatomy Lovers at the Anatomy☕️LOUNGE! In this monthly online hang out, we'll dive in deeper in our monthly Anatomy theme and talk about what we've been discovering in the lab. $15/month. 

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Dissection✍️CLUB is a chance for you to delve deeper into your anatomy studies through the art of dissection. Learn about dissection tools and techniques, develop your skills as a dissector, and enter the world of human anatomy in a completely new way!

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