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Meet the Fascial System!

Often underrepresented in anatomical studies, fascia is a rich and dynamic system that holds the answers to many questions of how our bodies move, get injured, and recover.

Join us in the CLASSROOM, in the DISSECTION LAB, and then integrate your new understanding by taking it to the MASSAGE TABLE. Learn the organization of fascia up close. SEE it, TOUCH it, UNDERSTAND it, and take your palpation skills next level.


Join us in the lab as we discover the many structures and textures of the Fascial System! What to expect: 


  •  👩‍🏫 Instructors: AnatomySCAPES Co-Directors Rachelle Clauson & Nicole Trombley, and Rebel Massage founder, Allison Denney.
  •  ☀️ Location: San Diego, CA
  •  📅 When: October 8-9-10, 2024 (Tu W Th)
  •  📚 CEs: 18CE hours through NCBTMB
  •  🙌 Small classes: By design we keep it small for optimal learning with 20 students max.
  •  💻 Online content: Provided ahead of time to get you ready before you arrive on site.
  •  📖 Lab Manual: Full of gorgeous, informative and fun content.
  •  👐 Classroom: Dynamic lectures, vibrant slide decks, 3D model making
  •  ✍️ Dissection demonstration: Students observe dissection demonstration and then palpate and investigate dissected tissues with no scalpel work required.
  •  🥼Fresh-tissue: Unpreserved human donor forms (no chemical embalming).
  • 💆‍♀️Hands-on massage application: Students directly apply fascial anatomy learning with hands-on massage table practice.

Journey into the Matrix delves into fascial anatomy, exploring the types of fascia — from superficial to deep — and how they relate to each. From the densely packed collagen fibers of the IT Band to the slippery-slidey gels of loose connective tissue, you will learn about fascia all the way down to the micro-world of the extracellular matrix. See it, touch it, and take your palpation skills next level. Our curriculum is broken down into these sections:

Here is an overview of the structure of this workshop. Completion of all segments is required. Thank you for planning accordingly.

Part ONE: Get ready!

Put on your stretchy pants and get comfy! Your fascia journey starts from the comfort of your own home with our ONLINE SEGMENT. This part of the course includes your LAB MANUAL and pre-workshop INTRO CALL via Zoom. 

Lab Manual

Our LAB MANUAL For Journey into the Matrix is your pre-reading assignment. Designed to read like a fun, glossy magazine, we cover some key concepts of fascial anatomy AND introduce you to many of the anatomical structures we will likely encounter in the Lab. 

Intro Call

A week BEFORE our in person days in the lab, we'll join together on a brief Zoom call for introductions, orientation and to answer any questions you might have. This will help orient you to the lab space, our plan for the workshop help you get prepared!

Part TWO: In Person

It's time to head to the anatomy lab for three days of learning here in San Diego, CA.

Together in the lab we explore fascia from superficial to deep, and everything in between. The in-lab segment consists of :

  • Live DISSECTION and EXPLORATION of fascial tissues with AnatomySCAPES co-directors, Rachelle Clauson and Nicole Trombley. 
  • Classroom LECTURE & DISCUSSIONS on key concepts and applications for our bodywork and movement practices.
  • HANDS-ON MASSAGE APPLICATION to apply your new fascial anatomy learning at the massage table, with Rebel Massage founder, Allison Denney!



Our courses are full of engaging multimedia CLASSROOM presentations. We GIVE you the known facts and current science about the Fascial System. SEE the micro and macro images. BUILD the matrix with your own hands with fun 3D models.

🌌Vibrant Slide Decks

🕺🏻Movement Integrations

✂️Clarifying 3D Models

🙌Palpation Skill Building

Dissection Lab

We'll take you into the DISSECTION LAB for live exploration of fascial tissues. We'll explore with reverence and joy and beautifully and respectfully REVEAL the real anatomy and see the RELATIONSHIPS of the tissues.

✍️ Live Dissection

📺 Hi-Def Monitors

🔬Live Microscope Images

🥣Grounding Meditations

Hands On

We give you time to integrate your new understanding by taking it to the MASSAGE TABLES. Feel how your touch changes after exploring individual tissues in the dissection lab. Learn new techniques and deepen your existing skills.

🌎 Real World Application

👐 Hands-on Practice

💁 Personalized Attention 

🗣Group Discussion 

Who should attend?

If you want a better understanding of the fascial system and you are a licensed, hands-on professional who loves to learn through HEARING, SEEING, TOUCHING, and FEELING, this is the class you’ve been waiting for! Gain the skills and confidence that only comes from seeing real anatomy for yourself! Registration is open to all licensed, hands-on professionals: LMT, CMT, BCTMB, RN, NP, LAc, DC, PT, PTA, DO, MD etc. are all welcome! Students currently enrolled in an accredited program on their way to licensure are also welcome. You will be asked for your credentials when you register. Please contact us if you have questions regarding eligibility. 

What other Anatomy❤️LOVERS are saying...

"Incredibly fun!"

"The dynamic duo of Nicole & Rachelle make learning in both the lecture hall and the lab incredibly fun. It’s a multi-faceted web they weave with interactive props representing elements and various structures of fascia.These women are super stars." 🤩🤩

"How anatomy in PT school should have been!"

"This is how anatomy in PT school should have been! Thank you so much for creating this MUCH NEEDED offering to guide us through the fascial connections of the body. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn form you both. I will definitely start using all that I learned in my practice ASAP! I’ll be back! This was so much fun! You rock, Rachelle & Nicole!"

Ready to start your fascia journey? Come join us!

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Nonrefundable Deposit: $500 of your total registration fee is a non-refundable deposit that secures your spot and allows us to invest in donor cadavers. Registration for all payment options is inclusive of this deposit. 

Cancellation PolicyCancellations up to August 8, 2024 will receive a full refund minus the $500 deposit. Due to our investment in the donor cadavers and lab space, tuition is non-refundable after August 8, 2024.