Hey, Anatomy Lover!

Take your anatomy skills next level! AnatomySCAPES Dissection Study Group is a chance for you to delve deeper into your anatomy studies through the art of dissection

Learn about dissection tools, techniques, and develop your skills as a dissector, and enter the world of human anatomy in a completely new way!


DissectionStudy GroupDates

Come to one or ALL! We are one of the only labs in the country where you can get a quality, one-day, dissection lab experience. Move at your own pace and learn with your peers. This exceptional learning environment is designed for YOU!

👉2024 Dates coming soon!👈

Dissection Study Group meets in our San Diego lab 6 times a year!


Learn dissection skills — from how to use a scalpel to blunt dissection! Move at your own pace, in your own time.


We work individually and together on team projects. Be part of a community, sharing and exploring with other anatomy lovers.


Help create team projects around shared interests or follow along with the AnatomySCAPES team as we continue our ongoing research.

🔎 DISCOVER human anatomy in 3D! The sense of three-dimensional depth and new found 'x-ray' vision you gain from the study group carries over directly into your hands-on practice.

🔎 GET an up close look at different regions of human anatomy. Our area of focus changes from lab to lab. It depends on which specimens are available, as well as team interests. From the pelvis to the foot, there is always something exciting to be seen.

🔎 STUDY alongside the AnatomySCAPES team. Your participation helps SUPPORT our current research and educational programs.

What to expect: 


Each Study Group starts with a discussion circle where we will plan out the day’s projects. You will have the option to assist on a project or develop your own dissection skills with just the right amount of direction and support you need. 

Newcomers will be given instruction on the dissection skills required to reveal the three primary AnatomySCAPES: Skin, the Cloud Body (Superficial Fascia), and the Deep Diving Suit (Deep Fascia). Our relaxed, supportive atmosphere allows you to learn and explore in a safe and respectful environment.

Dissection Study Group Daily Schedule


  • OPENING DISCUSSION. Gather in the lab to discuss and decide on the day's projects.
  • CHOOSE A TEAM. Participants will choose a project team to work with for the day.
  • GRATITUDE & GROUNDING. Join in our Gratitude and Grounding circle to prepare us for our work. 
  • SKILLS & SAFETY. Review knife skills and safety protocols.
  • DEMONSTRATION. Dissection skills demonstration.
  • DISSECTION. Teams get to work on dissection projects and study. 



  • DISSECTION. Teams continue dissection projects and study.
  • SHARE YOUR WORK. Project groups share their work with the rest of group. 
  • CLOSING. Clean up. 

    Each study group day includes approximately 5 hours of lab time plus a 1 hour lunch break.

Jane Blount

Bodyworker & Movement Specialist

"It was such an amazing experience to be in the lab with you. My capacity to be with my clients is deeply enhanced by being witness to the internal spaces of the body. I feel more appreciative of these amazing bodies in which we live. I look forward to getting into the lab again!"

Jamie Mossay

Prenatal Bodyworker & co-author of The Breech Release

"AnatomySCAPES Labs are more than just a dissection - they are an embodied and human-paced experience of fascia and connections that will forever change your touch and understanding of the body, while being held in a loving respectful container."

Is Dissection Study Group right for you?

DissectionCLUB is a safe space for bodyworkers and other hands-on professionals to explore and deepen their understanding of anatomy together through the art of dissection. We approach it with reverence and respect.

But working in an anatomy dissection lab is a BIG DEAL and can be a lot to take in. How can you know if it is right for you?

Dissection Study Group is right for you if:

  • You have and abundant CURIOSITY and reverence for the human body.
  • You like learning and being a part of a TEAM (this is a CLUB, after all).
  • You can be comfortable with the discomfort of learning NEW SKILLS. Rachelle makes dissection look easy, but it's a skill to learn. 
  • You have the willingness to UNLEARN as much as you LEARN. No matter how many times we go into the lab, we un-learn what we thought was true as much as we learn new things.

A peek inside the lab:

Check out fascia specialist  and AnatomySCAPES co-Director Rachelle Clauson teaching a group of bodyworkers about skin ligaments. 

As bodyworkers, we always want to jump to the muscle anatomy. But we can't touch muscles, without going through skin and fascial layers first.