Ready to start your FASCIA journey?

Come join us for our in-person Lab WORKSHOPS in sunny San Diego, CA, not far from the ocean. Come for anatomy studies, stay for the SUNSHINE! ☀️

We teach you what the tissues LOOK like, FEEL like, how they MOVE, and how they RELATE to their surroundings. Your eyes and hands learn to 'see' what they could not see before.


AnatomySCAPES  Workshops

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Welcome to your fascial body!

As therapists, we want more than labeled charts of muscles, nerves, and bones. We crave anatomy education that informs our touch. And we want the know-how for working with the “stuff” in between. We want the whole story.

In the lab, we explore both familiar and unfamiliar structures always aiming to understand: how they're organized, what they're connected to, how they glide, or where they transmit force. We take a closer look at the relationships between the structures. This is our fascial body!


Coming to the lab is a game changer. 

Together, we journey through the layers of the human form, pausing along the way for you to touch, feel and palpate the textures and relationships. This will change your perception of what you are feeling under the skin and take your palpation skills next level! 

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What other Anatomy❤️LOVERS are saying...

"Unforgettable journey to the world of Fascia!" 

"One of the best courses I have ever taken and I’ve taken quite a few! This is a course that will transform your practice. Nicole & Rachelle put an amazing course together! They are like two fairies🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️ who used a magic wand 🪄to take us on an unforgettable journey to the world of fascia!"

"How anatomy should have been in PT school!"

"This is how anatomy in PT school should have been! Thank you so much for creating this MUCH NEEDED offering to guide us through the fascial connections of the body. I will definitely start using all that I learned in my practice ASAP! I’ll be back! This was much fun! You rock, Rachelle & Nicole!"

Here's what you'll find in our workshops:

We blend classroom learning and activities with guided exploration in the dissection lab, all grounded in fascia research

Our workshops are always really visual, really relevant, and REAL anatomy education for hands-on professionals. And they're fun, too!


Every AnatomySCAPES workshop includes. . .

Anatomy Lab Manuals

Each course is accompanied by a visually-oriented, fascia-focused and research-based lab manual. This guidebook introduces you to key concepts for our fascia journey!

Hands on in the Anatomy Lab 

We'll take you into the dissection lab for a guided exploration of REAL anatomy. This is when you get to see, touch and feel how the tissues of the body are organized.

Anatomy CRAFTS

When in doubt, craft it out! Our interactive classroom time, punctuates learning recent research with hands-on crafts to reinforce understanding. 

Embodied Learning

Hear it, see it, DO IT! From movement practices to "performing fascia," our classroom space helps us "do" and embody our learnings. 

AnatomySCAPES is proud to be able to offer continuing education credits for select workshops through NCBTMB, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork!

What other Anatomy❤️LOVERS are saying...

"What an exceptional educational experience!"

"What an exceptional educational experience! I think about it every day. I look forward to bringing friends and colleagues to future classes. Thank you for sharing all of this work with us. You ladies went beyond the beyond!" 

"Incredibly fun!"

"The dynamic duo of Nicole & Rachelle make learning in both the lecture hall and the lab incredibly fun. It’s a multi-faceted web they weave with interactive props representing elements and various structures of fascia.These women are super stars."🤩🤩

Registration is now open!


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