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At AnatomySCAPES, we study anatomy through a slightly different lens. We focus on what real anatomy LOOKS like, FEELS like, how it MOVES, and RELATES to its surroundings. 

This is not the anatomy that’ll help you ace that exam.

But it is the anatomy that will elevate your practice and take your palpation skills next level.

It's like coming to the lab every month!

Our members have exclusive access to videos from AnatomySCAPES work in the dissection  lab. These videos explore the tissues and structures that we interact with the most as touch therapists. 

"I thought the dissection video was amazing. It was my favorite part! I really grasped what the superficial fascia looked like by watching and really appreciated how you broke apart the layers. The video quality was amazing."

-Patreon Community Member

There's ART everywhere inside our  bodies.

Our signature anatomy art is always a featured part of our member content. These inspiring images are real anatomy from our dissections. They remind us how so many of the patterns and colors we see INSIDE the body exist OUTSIDE in nature in trees, flowers and even rock formations. 

Research Summaries 

We read a lot of research literature. A lot. It's part of our preparation for everything we write and every course we prepare. And we get to share this research with our members. We share summaries of key (or fun) research findings that deepen our understanding of the anatomy under our hands. 


Members can connect with the AnatomySCAPES team and other Anatomy Lovers. Through chats and live conversations, we learn together. 

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 "AnatomySCAPES is the perfect blend of the artistic and the absolutely anatomically accurate. Their monthly eBox helps to both clarify my knowledge and expand my sense of wonder." 

-David Lesondak, Author of Fascia: What it is and Why it Matters and Fascia, Function, and Medical Applications and host of the BodyTalk podcast.

 "Thank you so much for providing informative content in an easy, fun and well-illustrated way. I love the way you structure the information and I'm very inspired by your work! Every month, I look forward to the new topic! Merci!" 

-Nicole Pfister, Founder and Director of NMove Pilates & Movement Coaching (Switzerland).
Check out the Anatomy❤️LOVER's Community on Patreon!