The Trapezius 2.0

The trapezius is no stranger to bodyworkers and movement teachers. Infamous for its role in chronic neck and shoulder pain, this superficial upper back muscle is a regular target in our treatment rooms and classes. There's a whole lot more to the trapezius anatomy story than we studied in anatomy class!

Get ready for a fascia-focused REINTRODUCTION to your's Trapezius 2.0

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Here's what you'll find in the TRAPEZIUS Mini Course:

Join us as we explore the trapezius with a fascia-focused lens: 

  • how does it relate to its neighbors? 
  • where does it anchor and where does it glide?
  • how did it develop embryologically? 
  • does it have neurological superpowers?
  • what role does it play in walking🚶🏻‍♀️? 

We'll explore all these questions and what it might mean for our hands when we touch. As always, all our course content is grounded in recent research. 

Your Trapezius Mini Course includes . . .

Anatomy🎨ART: Trapezius

A beautiful, downloadable, and sharable Anatomy🎨ART Card, stylized from a real image from the dissection lab with detailed explanation on the back.


This edition of Anatomy📖ZINE explores the traps from a fascia-focused perspective: where is it anchored? Where does it glide? How does it relate to its neighbors?


Take a brief virtual trip with the AnatomySCAPES team into the dissection lab for TWO Anatomy🎬BRIEF videos to explore the trapezius!


Your ticket to Anatomy☕️LOUNGE is included in the mini-course. In this LIVE webinar, we'll explore images from the dissection lab, the latest research and the implications for hands-on therapists. Join us live online or watch the replay! 

. . . and some other Cool😎 STUFF we've pulled together for you!

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