Come explore the Thoracolumbar Fascia!

Once thought to just be a bunch of white stuff found in the low back (more or less 😋), the thoracolumbar fascia (TLF) is finally getting all the attention it deserves. 

Turns out there's a lot going on in there, and much of the recent research is honing in on the TLF's biomechanical role in force transmission and lumbar stability, as well as in proprioception and muscular coordination. And in the endless search for answers about low back pain? 
. . .researchers have their eyes on TLF.

Join us for this online course as we explore TLF's fascinating anatomy!

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Here's what you'll find in the Thoracolumbar Fascia Explorations Online Course!

In this online course, we'll take you through the anatomy of this deep fascial structure, as well as explore its layers, relationships and context.

Our courses are always really visual, really relevant, and REAL anatomy education for hands-on professionals.

Your Thoracolumbar Fascia course includes . . .


The Thoracolumbar Fascia issue of our Anatomy📖ZINE will help you dig deeper into the anatomy of the TLF. We keep it fascia-focused, research-based and relevant to hands-on professionals!


COURSE WEBINAR: In this one hour webinar, we explore more of the TLF anatomy, as well as research exploring its potential role in low back pain, including exciting research on fascia and innervation!

Anatomy🎨ART: the Thoracolumbar Fascia

A beautiful, downloadable, and sharable Anatomy🎨ART Card, stylized from a real image from the dissection lab with detailed explanation on the back.


Also included is an interesting and tasteful Anatomy🎬BRIEF Video taking you into the dissection lab with the AnatomySCAPES team to explore the posterior lamina of the TLF!

. . . and some other Cool😎 STUFF we've pulled together for you!

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