Come explore the DEEP FASCIA of your abdominal wall!

 A deep fascia A-lister, the rectus sheath covers the center of your belly, spanning from the xyphoid process and costal arches all the way to the pubic symphysis. This sturdy, fibrous fascia is regularly tensioned and stretched. Every belly breath you take, every twisty or torso-flexing move you make, every step you take is tensioning or stretching the rectus sheath. 

Join us for this mini course as we explore the anatomy of this key player in core stability

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Here's what you'll find in the Rectus Sheath Mini Course!

In this mini course, we'll take you on a journey to explore the architecture of the rectus sheath, the deep fascia of the abdominal wall.

All our content is really visual, really relevant, and REAL anatomy education for hands-on professionals.

Your Rectus Sheath mini-course includes . . .

Anatomy­čÄĘART:  Rectus Sheath

A beautiful, downloadable, and sharable Anatomy­čÄĘART Card, stylized from a real image from the dissection lab with detailed explanation on the back.


This issue of our Anatomy­čôľZINE will help you explore the anatomy of the rectus sheath. We keep it fascia-focused, research-based and relevant to hands-on professionals!


Also included is an interesting and tasteful Anatomy­čÄČBRIEF Video taking you into the dissection lab with the AnatomySCAPES team to explore the architecture of the rectus sheath!

. . . and some other Cool­čśÄ STUFF we've pulled together for you!

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