C-section SCARS

More than 21% of all births worldwide are via Cesarean section. That’s a lot of bellies. It’s not surprising then that C-section is the most common surgery women undergo. 

With every baby born via C-section, a scar is also born.

In this course, we explore the anatomy impacted by C-sections and how the healing gets written into the fascia. 

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Here's what you'll find in the C-section SCARS  Course:

Join us as we journey beneath the surface of the skin to explore C-section scars.

We'll map out the anatomy most impacted by this surgery and the changes in tissue architecture and tissue relationships. And what that means for hands-on therapists. 

This is not a technique course. It's the in-depth REAL anatomy that will guide your hands with the techniques you already know.

Your C-section SCARS Course includes . . .


COURSE WEBINAR: Your ticket to Anatomy☕️LOUNGE is included in the mini-course. In this LIVE webinar, we'll explore images from the dissection lab, the latest research and the implications for hands-on therapists. Join us live online on December 2nd or watch the replay! 


COURSE MANUAL: This edition of Anatomy📖ZINE explores the tissues impacted by C-section surgeries and the scars that develop. It will enhance your mental map of the anatomy impacted to inform and guide your touch as you work with your clients and their scars.


Come the Dissection Lab with us for this brief exploration of one C-section scar. Every scar is different, but this is your chance to travel beneath the surface to observe one scar's 3D depth from skin through the fatty subcutis to the deep fascia.

Anatomy🎨ART: C-section Scars

A beautiful, downloadable, and sharable Anatomy🎨ART Card, stylized from a real image from the dissection lab with detailed explanation on the back.

. . . and some other Cool😎 STUFF we've pulled together for you!

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