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Ever dreamed of a place to chill and chat with other Anatomy♥️LOVERs and experts about all the specific details of what you are touching and feeling in your hands-on practice? (Free for eBox Subscribers.) 

      $15/ per meeting.

Next Lounge is August 26, at 11:00am Pacific


Join us online for coffee and discussion every month!


Where expertise & exploration meet!

Anatomy☕️LOUNGE was created as a place to share all your musings, 'confusings', and epiphanies!

Lead by AnatomySCAPES co-directors Nicole Trombley and Rachelle Clauson, this informal monthly gathering will take you deeper into the conversation about what you feel beneath your hands when you touch. Join us online in the Anatomy☕️LOUNGE to refresh your mind and spirit!

Connect. Relax. Get inspired! 

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