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Ever dreamed of a place to chill and chat with other Anatomy♥️LOVERs? This monthly LIVE webinar with Nicole and Rachelle is where we go even deeper into the topic from that month's eBox. After an interactive presentation, we open the floor for deeper discussion. (Free for eBox Subscribers.) 

      $15/ per meeting.

Next Lounge is September 29th
11:00am PST California
2:00pm EST New York
7:00pm GMT London


September's Anatomy☕️LOUNGE

This month we're diving deep into the MICROANATOMY that helps fascia be such a dynamic tissue: its fibers! From collagen to reticular to elastic, we'll explore the fibers of fascia and how they contribute to its mechanical properties. This is must know anatomy for touch and movement therapists! 

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Lead by AnatomySCAPES co-directors Rachelle Clauson and Nicole Trombley, this monthly online gathering will take you on a journey explore the anatomy theme of the month! We share images from the dissection lab and report back on related fascia-focused research. And we always bring it back home to what this means for what you feel beneath your hands when you touch. 

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