Come explore the Micro Anatomy underneath your Skin!

Let's take a look together just beneath the skin! We pulled out the microscope🔬to give you a close up look at...the SKIN LIGAMENTS

While certainly not our usual anatomy 🤩 superstar, these connective tissue structures create an important fascial bridge from the skin to the deeper layers.  

Join us for this mini course as we explore the fascinating anatomy of our skin ligaments!

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Welcome to the subcutis! 

In this excerpt from the Anatomy☕️LOUNGE webinar, Rachelle and Nicole introduce you to the subcutis and explore why hands-on therapists need to know about this tissue! The full 1+hour webinar is included in the mini course. 

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Let's start our journey into the subcutis!

In this mini course, we'll take you on a journey to explore the architecture of the subcutaneous tissues, focussing in on the skin ligaments' relationships and context.

All our content is really visual, really relevant, and REAL anatomy education for hands-on professionals.

Your Skin Ligaments mini-course includes . . .

Anatomy🎨ART:  Skin Ligaments

A beautiful, downloadable, and sharable Anatomy🎨ART Card, stylized from a real image from the dissection lab with detailed explanation on the back.


This issue of our Anatomy📖ZINE will help you explore the anatomy of the skin ligaments. We keep it fascia-focused, research-based and relevant to hands-on professionals!


Also included is an interesting and tasteful video taking you into the dissection lab with the AnatomySCAPES team to explore the architecture of the subcutaneous tissues!


We pull it all together in this fun 1+ hour webinar that explores relevant research, loads of more images from the lab and what it all means for our hands when we touch. 

. . . and some other Cool😎 STUFF we've pulled together for you!

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