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If you do an image search online for fascia, you’ll likely find a plethora of images that resemble close-ups of gauzy, spider webs, with wispy white fibers and the occasional glimmering dew drop of water. While it’s true they ARE technically images of fascia, they are actually only one very specific type of tissue in the full fascia system. May we introduce to you loose connective tissue (LCT). 

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 "AnatomySCAPES is the perfect blend of the artistic and the absolutely anatomically accurate. Their monthly eBox helps to both clarify my knowledge and expand my sense of wonder." 

-David Lesondak, Author of Fascia: What it is and Why it Matters and Fascia, Function, and Medical Applications and host of the BodyTalk podcast.

 "Thank you so much for providing informative content in an easy, fun and well-illustrated way. I love the way you structure the information and I'm very inspired by your work! Every month, I look forward to the new topic! Merci!" 

-Nicole Pfister, Founder and Director of NMove Pilates & Movement Coaching (Switzerland).

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"The anatomy eBox is the bomb! The photos are stellar! What a great way to look at the body and dive into the depths of the minutia.This is a great resource and opportunity for any and all bodyworkers. Not only do you get access to the anatomy lab, you also get the latest research on fascia and these incredible images of the inner beauty of the human body!"

-Marissa Workowski, CMT

"Great pictures that give me a new level of understanding when talking about fascia. This eZine completely enhanced my understanding of how the abdomen can contribute to back pain! The visuals and descriptions are incredibly helpful. I now have a new way of explaining to my clients, why I'm doing what I'm doing. Thank you!"

-Ann Ealy, LMT

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